House in the Shade

House in the Shade

The trees hide the shore, or rather, the shore sits in the glare of sunlight, and the trees sit behind that, and they provide respite.

A man stands on a ladder, half-way up the side of a house that is half-buried in trees. He is observed by a cat sitting on the hard-baked, sandy ground.

The cat regards him as he strings wires along the eaves, along the wall.

Off the shore, surf rushes and tosses, its coming and going observed from the roof point of the house by a bright and curved dish mounted on a stand, fast against imminent wind and weather.

The man brings wires along to an open window, which is typically kept open and normally only covered with a reed shade, unless the wind blows up. In such an event, more sturdy protection is put up.

The man descends and pets the cat between the ears and the two characters separate paths.

Before long, in the shade of the house, a screen glows.

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