Flying through the Storm

A hummingbird lit, branch to branch. With the rain and the gray and chill and bits of water falling from the sky, the hummingbird zipped between, buzzing its wings like a tiny fan. With a rapid shake of its head, it flung more bits into the air. With perfect form, it posed itself midair before [...]

The Rocks

The Rocks The man dove from the cliff of black lava in an inlet of steep black rocks topped with green trees and moss and ferns. He dove into churning ocean water that was blown by high winds from a sea storm, the water grey and choppy and whorling and spraying high up and around [...]

The Bike

The Bike Winding across the open terrain of the island's volcanic coast, a marine and sweeping, grass covered incline before the interior mountains, the bike came up the paved road from the little port town below the cliffs.  The weather was damp, humid and muggy and dark enough for road lamps or yard lamps or [...]