String of Lights

String of Lights At some point, electricity had been brought to the jungle. Until now, somnolent and meditative in the dark of night, with the lead tree and tigers burning bright, the forest mused. Periodic, quick scurries across the layered floor of fallen leaves, along with birds flapping and dropping seeds in the night spaces [...]


Lighthouse Door hinges to a weathered door made squeaking in the wind. Out on a space of open grass, before a rocky drop to the ocean, someone had built a small house. There was no glass in the windows nor paint on the wood. Some of the roof had fallen in. And now someone stood [...]

The Tour

The Tour We made a drive, down the old jalopy road. The road circles most of the island. It goes through small settlements, or towns if you like. It goes over bridges at island streams and rivers already grown in with trees. We stopped off at a cafe, an open-walled affair at the side of [...]

The Mosaic

The Mosaic A girl of twelve went to the opposite side of the island to visit her grandparents. It was always a fun visit. One could often do as one pleased. They fed her. Sometimes, she would help with a boat cleaning or breakfast. The place was also in a less developed area and had [...]


Fishers Offshore, a wild blue yonder holds divers, pawing depths for shellfish on a rope. It's a bit bizarre, but it renders lines of mollusks in broad daylight. From there it's a measure of culinary concern. Languages are spoken on different boats, at different times. But, most of it has nothing to do with fishing [...]